Excavator pond dig out

This weeks job is a pond dig out. Although I have had some experience on excavators with ditch and dry pond digging, this is the first time dealing with pre existing water already in the pond. When I started the dig there was little water that was visible but as I stared, the water was coming up through the ground the closer I got to the center. I quickly learned my confer zone of how far out I could go without getting the excavator stuck and from there I went to work. Digging the dirt up, pushing it back, moving it to the side, and eventually I got the desired perimeter. The final task is to take the excess dirt and form a dam by compacting it down with the excavator. The purpose of the dam is to prevent future runoff silt from the pasture going into the pond.

Along with any other job, there have been frustrations throughout this dig out. One would be how wet and muddy some areas are and with the rain, it has not had proper time to dry. This has lead to getting stuck multiple times, not being able to compact dirt down around the dam in certain areas, and the bucket getting mud compact inside it which in return has me shoveling it out by hand. Another frustration with there already being water in the pond was not able to dig as far into the pond as I would have liked to. Still with those problems I am confident in the work I have done to maneuver around them and do a good job. 

In the book fanatical prospecting I have reached the middle of the book and recently it has gone over the importance of social media as it pertains to selling. Mr. Blount explains that social media can be harmful and time consuming, taking away from other sales related tasks you ought to be doing. He then returns with the proper way to use social media in the sense that it’s not meant for selling, it’s meant to help keep your pipeline full and to expand your reach to customers. In return this will lead to future sells and future deals. 

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