As I pass by another week here on the farm, there has been a lot of frustration. Of course with me being new, there are many small mistakes that I have made that make me question myself, "am I even worth being here"? At the end of everyday I reflect and think to myself, "how can I be better" and "how can I not make that mistake anymore". Sometimes it takes mistakes to learn the process, even though I wish I knew it all. 

The book that I am currently reading (raving fans) has taught me a lot so far about the small mistakes that I have been making as far as customer service. The book goes into depth about how to treat others with the best customer service, and I believe G Farms has mastered that. 

As the days progress, there is something new that frustrates me but by sticking to what I have learned by reading and listening, the days will also get easier. With me being new I have a lot to learn, at times days are overwhelming and I feel like I am not taking a step forward but with time, patience, and communication I will become better and knock this job out of the park.  

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