Fueling My Body

I have always struggled with the way I eat; fortunately I have never dealt with obesity; however I could tell my body was starting to wear down. Constantly battling heartburn, no energy, laziness, and not to mention, I started to have heart issues a few months prior to separating from the service. It's a scary feeling to know that I started having issues in my late 20's so I decided to make a change. The past two weeks I have been on  a strict diet, only eating small portions of low carb and low calorie foods throughout the day. So far I have lost 8 lbs and I feel great. It is amazing how a little change can result in such a huge difference from what I felt like only a few weeks ago living on fast food. Now that I am fueling my body with the appropriate foods, my mind seems to be working at a better and faster rate than before. I am waking up with a good attitude. I have energy throughout the day, and I am wanting to get things done. This pertains not only to food, but as well as education. Every morning I fuel my mind with a book, reading 15 minutes before you start your day is another fuel that helps my mind stay sharp. I am now starting to grow in areas I had no clue that would grow, and it's an amazing feeling.

Steak is an option on my diet list and thank God because I don't think I could make it without having beef. I own a Blackstone griddle and I decided to fire it up and cook me a G Farms Sirloin. I tenderized the steak by using kosher salt on both sides and letting it sit for 1 hour. I then rinsed off the salt using water, and patted it dry with a paper towel. Next I used salt and pepper for taste and threw it on the grill. 4 minutes on one side, flip, and 4 minutes on the other, and it was ready to eat. With the Blackstone being a griddle, I had an evenly cooked steak all  the way across and it was dang good. Simple recipe that took less than 10 minutes to cook. Very fortunate to know these steps by the 5 steps to the perfect plate method, that comes from G Farms chef council. This is a process I tell all my customers during delivery, and it is a method that has proven to work.

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