G Farms Roast/ Another Week of Growing

With this weather being as crazy as it is, on a cold night earlier this week I cooked a G Farms roast that absolutely blew my mind. I have always found that roasts are the easiest thing to cook in my opinion. The morning before work, I added beef stock, red potatoes, and carrots into a crockpot. Add the roast and set it to a low heat for 8 hours. If you have ordered beef from us before, I go over what's called "the 5 steps to the perfect plate." One of the steps I explain is cooking a roast for 8 hours on a low heat. When I returned home the roast was tender, juicy, and falling apart. I served it over some white rice, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy. I gained at least 5 pounds that night, this is something so easy and simple, and dinner was done when I returned home. Not only was I satisfied with the cooking process, but the way the roast tasted in general was out of this world. Grass-fed beef is the way to go folks; you cannot beat it.

This week I learned to prioritize in a way that is quite simple. The funny thing is I have been told how I need to organize myself, but I never made myself do it, nor did I care. In the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" the author explains to write everything down, and list the top priorities first and work your way down. I know how to do this prior to G Farms, but when I applied myself and actually worked off a list, it made me absolutely frustrated that I had not done this before hand. I questioned myself of why am I just now learning to organize myself? The answer is simple. I am learning to apply myself and not make excuses; no one is going to do the work for you, so man up. Once I got into that mindset within the past 60 days, I felt like I was chiseling off the old me who had this " I don't care attitude" and it is paying off. No matter how simple the solution is, what matters is I am being a better person and that is priceless.

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