Getting Back to the Basics

I think we are coming full circle.

Within the last few weeks, I have done some propositioning. I have purchased a windmill, rabbit hutch and chickens with zero money exchanged, using fresh veggies, canned items and other farm items.

I know bartering is nothing new, but I have never used what I have to gain things I want, especially vegetables. Everyone that I have bartered with seems thrilled and has commented that this is the way it should be. And why not?

At this point, it appears to be about survival.  Vegetables, Eggs, Meat and even trading what you have. Supporting each other by coming together and filling a need with no money involved is maybe what we are coming to.

Working the "Cowpooling" end of the business, I see customers are wanting purity. Wanting straight from the farm raising, avoiding the grocery stores and getting closer to the farmer. 

I think we are all starting to realize "chaining" is everytthing may be so great. These grocery chain are not the only source. Coming full circle, back to the farmer, back to the vegetable gardens, back to the basics.


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