Golden Egg

We all have heard the story of the farmer who has a goose that lays golden eggs. As a child, hearing that story for the first time didn't really hit me like it does now as an adult. In the book 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen R. Covey (the author) puts this story in a perspective that amazes me. He simply states that, people in this world chase after the golden eggs and lose sight of the goose that produces it. We as people sometimes are greedy, and only want the eggs, and don't care about the goose that works hard to produce it for us. We forget to water the goose, feed it, take care of it. Eventually the goose dies and we have no more golden eggs. In my perspective, the goose represents your mindset, your ability to think, and your personality. Your eggs represent drive, motivation, work ethic, positivity, attitude, behavior, and everything else that makes up your personality in your everyday life. Because of the goose, you have happiness, you have your golden eggs, and you have to remember to take care of the goose in order to keep receiving those eggs, otherwise, the goose will not produce, which will cause negativity, and eventually death to the goose. Look around and be thankful, take the time to appreciate what you have, and choose your battles. Take care of your goose, and you'll receive eggs the rest of your life. 

It is easy to be distracted in life. Trust me, I am the king of getting distracted. But I have to understand what is important to the farm rather than what's important to just myself. Sometimes instead of keeping the eggs for myself, I have learned to share them along with my peers. The golden eggs will continue to flow, but there will be a time when you need to hand over your eggs to someone who lost their goose. Someone who is losing sight of the importance of taking care of their goose, needs that little extra push to regain their goose to generate their own eggs. Share your eggs when they need to be shared, be the person someone can lean on when needed, and always take care of your goose. Never loose site of that.

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