Ground Beef/ First things first

The past two blogs I posted were about our 1/8 and 1/4 packages. This blog I want to discuss our ground beef. Many people do not realize we offer ground beef in it's own package. With one order, you receive 10, 1 pound packages, and so far the ground beef has to be my favorite. With its lean rich taste, I cant stop eating it straight out of the pan while preparing my meal. My favorite dish with this amazing beef has to be Texas Chili. Once the meat is browned and stirred into your own ingredients, the way the beef pops in this dish is absolutely amazing. You will also notice as you cook the beef, there is not a whole lot of grease collecting at the bottom of your pan, that ensures of how much more healthier this beef if compared to store bought. If chili is not necessarily your thing, check out our website to see more updates and recipes on our ground beef as well as other recipes on our beef. 

As I continue to grow in this business I have learned a very important lesson the past couple weeks. Prioritizing is crucial in this environment, I have struggled with organization and off putting "first things first" majority of my life. My brain loves to wonder off during the day when I need to accomplish the important aspects of my job, which causes me to be behind ,which then leads to a conversation of why was this task not accomplished. Its all apart of the learning experience and I am understanding the role of leadership, and sometimes things have to learned the hard way. In the book 7 habits of highly effective people, the author mentions putting first things first. By creating a list of what is priority you learn to tackle your important roles early in the day. Because of this, I have learned my stress levels come down, and I become more focused, this is the key to success as a leader. Another week of growing and learning folks,  stay tuned as I continue to become better. 

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