One of the many topics that have been talked about in my short time here at the farm is breaking my old habits and creating new ones. When I went through basic training, the entire 2 months was a breaking down and building up concept. Knowing me from back in the day, I wasn't a "get after it" type of person. Instead, I was lazy and honestly didn't care. Didn't care to keep a job, didn't care about my reputation, and didn't care about taking responsibility. The military shaped, and molded me to be the person they needed to get the mission done. I will be forever grateful for making the decision to join to benefit myself from being a total loser. However, I still kept a lot of my old habits. With G Farms, I am going through another boot camp, besides the yelling, screaming, and "dropping down and give me 10", this is more of a mental training that only I can fix. I have received the tools, and have been shown my path, now I walk this path with guidance. I start to see my old habits diminish, and creating new habits for the better. This is something the military showed me at a low scale. Now that I have the proper guidance, the tunnel is no longer a tunnel, my vision is now as wide as the Rio Grande, and I couldn't be more thankful. 

I attended a class last weekend to learn more about the Algorithm of Facebook (taught by Jared Guynes). While sitting there comprehending as much information I could, I noticed that I was locked in and was really appreciating the advice I was hearing. The old me would've been a body in a chair doodling on paper, and not caring about anything that was happening around me. Out of natural instinct, I sat my butt in the chair, and focused on learning. Jared went on to talk about Facebook marketing, and how to advertise. I learned so much that day that it would be impossible to blog even the short version. Once I arrived home my brain was fried, I took some Advil and reflected on what I have learned. Not only was I impressed by Jared but I was more impressed with my self for paying attention and not letting my old habits take over.  1% better each day, keep that mind set and you're unstoppable. 

The book I am currently reading (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) is already teaching me a lot. I am only 40 minutes into this book the power message he brings to me everyday is unreal. The Author (Stephen Covey) is a very intelligent human, he throws a lot of information at you in just a matter of seconds. Sometimes I have to rewind to even comprehend his message, but his words strike me to the core almost every time. Currently he is talking about trust. "Trust" is what keeps this world glued together, without trust, this company would be a disaster. Be the one who people can trust, a trustworthy person can go far in life, and that's who I want to be. Stick to the grind, trust the system, and be on top of it. At this point nothing is slowing me down, I am kicked into 5th gear and cruising on. 

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