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Who am I? It’s been a while since I have written. There are so many new people coming to the farm daily. 

Who am I? My name is Willie Grubaugh. I am the owner of G Farms. I have been working with cattle since I turned 14. At 14, I met the man I call my Dad. He had a 30 acre farm we lived on outside of Kaufman, Texas. He added a new lease here, and again there. Dad started out with registered Charolais cattle. Over time, he converted as he grew his herd to grade cattle. We also had paint ponies. This is where I learned about training horses, working cattle, how to hang gates, dig holes, build fence, grow a garden, and so much more.

I was given my first horse at 15. I bought my first cow at the same age. She was a Simmental show heifer. I showed her and one other through high school. I also started learning to ride bulls through high school rodeo. To help pay for fees and travel, I trained horses for neighbors in the area. I worked for a couple of rodeo contractors feeding bulls, penning, sorting, and loading their bucking horses and bulls. I also worked for The Burning Tree Ranch. At the time, The Burning Tree was a Beefmaster cattle ranch. I started working in trade for bred Beefmaster cows. I built a small herd of Beefmaster cattle over time.

Fast Forward to the era of my daughters in school and G Farms. I had switched over to a growing herd of grade black, angus type cattle and a registered herd of Brangus cattle for the show ring. My 3 daughters showed our Brangus cattle for years. 

While the girls were focused on winning in the show ring, I started diving into and studying beef production, the quality variations, the impact of hanging & aging times, studying carcasses at area processors, and so on. I had a solid corporate career, but the farm was my passion. In 2013 I was laid off. I knew I could make it with the farm. G Farms Cowpooling became my focus, perfecting our beef, and defining Cowpooling to make it available for anyone & everyone was my obsession.  After the 3 girls graduated one by one, I continued to focus on the beef herd and beef production. Today, G Farms Cowpooling delivers to North Texas, East Texas, 35 from DFW down to Austin, and 45 from DFW down to Austin. 

What is G Farms Cowpooling? Cowpooling means, you can order the ⅛, ¼, ½, or any combination thereof that best suits your household. The old school way, you would go to the local farmer / rancher. The farmer would tell you. “Get the money together & I’ll drop it off at the butcher”. So you would go to your friends and family with this great idea of “going in together to split a cow”. You had to -

  1. Go to your friends and family with the idea
  2. Collect the money (the bad guy)
  3. Pay the farmer if the above actually worked out
  4. Pay the processor
  5. Go pick up your beef
  6. Bring the beef back and sort it with your family and friends

You can quickly see how this can fall apart and or lose friends and family at any stage in this game

G Farms Cowpooling, you don’t have to go to try to sell your friends, work to get them excited, and lose them one by one when you attempt to collect the money from them. 

Do you have questions, or want to know more? Call me 214-244-3871

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