International Woman's Day

Happy International woman's day

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights particularly in the workforce. 

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Did you know over the last five years, the number of male farmers fell, while the number of women rose: Female producers now make up 36 percent of farmers, that is a 27 percent increase from 2012. 56% of farms have at least one female producer, although only 38% have a female primary producer, the person who makes the most decisions on the farm. The data comes from the United States Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Women have helped maintain fields and crops since the turn of the 19th century. During WWII  more than six million vacant farm jobs had been filled by young adults,. majority of them women. This happened across all industries in the United States. Almost every daughter, wife and friend rose to the occasion. Woman became engineers, others found themselves in factories. Many of the women went into agriculture.

Near the end of the 90s, the percentage of female farmers began to rise drastically. Women in modern times are embracing their title as “farmers" compared to centuries past. Woman are proud of being able to run and operate heavy machinery and pass down a family business.  Not to mention run a business that allows them to carry the role of motherhood without being looked down upon. Not many career paths join work and family together. Farming is one of the few where it goes hand and hand. 

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Women in agriculture are interested in side-businesses or some sort of hustle to help generate income. Many operate bed and breakfasts and/or sell various types of goods, not just produce. One of my friends does this very thing. Kristina is the owner of Sweet Girl Farm and she makes the best natural skin care products and organic breads.

I'm not one to create products as a side hustle but I am transitioning into a completely different role. While I will always have a hand in the farm or my rear in the tractor, I have picked up my pink hammer. I am training as a project manager for our construction company, DC & H Construction.  I am tackling a male dominated industry hoping to make a difference for women in construction.

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I hope to show both of my kids that a woman, a mother, can do anything. Nothing can get in the way of reaching your dreams. It takes hard word, grit and determination. I recently oversaw the demo, design, and build of this amazing shower from mud pan, drain, plumbing, to tile, fixtures, and glass.


Growing up I used to play with my Papa's tools. You could find me under the kitchen table nailing the leaf shut, or finding something to put screws in. When I was about 6 years old I decided I wanted a pool in my grandparents back yard. I had a clear picture as to what I wanted. I grabbed the shovel and went to break ground. Papa casually walked over to me and says "Kelsey, what are you working on?"  "Papa, I'm going to dig out a pool" with enthusiasm and excitement I proceed to tell him about my design. I can still see his face. He listened intently and even made suggestions. Then he asked for his shovel and suggested we sketch it out on paper first. Smart move. There is no telling what kind of damage I would have done. 

I always had a passion for design and look forward to working with my customers on their projects. I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I keep a lot of my passions, desires, dreams or visions to my self. I will need to open up about my ideas without the fear of rejection. I will also need to tap back into an area of my personality I have shoved down. Creativity. It's going to be a challenge but I am ready to grab it by the horns... or should I say hit the nail on the head.

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