It will never get easier you get better

It’s amazing what you can learn in just a few weeks. I have leaned what true customer service is just by making some deliveries and reading from raving fans, a book that explains the customer service process. In the book it explains how customers should be treated and it is a huge eye opener, it taught me how to respect and treat the customer in a way that seems so simple but don’t see too much now days. With the proper service and care you bring to the table can absolutely carry a long way not only in your personal life but in a business as well.

A saying I hear a lot from my military experience and now in the civilian life Is, it doesn’t get easier, you get better, and I am seeing that more and more everyday. It’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders when you sit back and look at all the progress you make as you progress forward in your career. During  my thanksgiving dinner with my family I explain what I do and the more I talk the more I see myself using “raving fans” into my conversations with my own family, it rubs off on me practicing customer service when I don’t mean to is a great sign to see. It’s a muscle memory that I don’t mind having the rest of my life and I am very thankful to know how to communicate the proper way, especially coming from a very small town to where everyone talks the same. More to come on what I learn next week into making my career better and better each week 

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