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Howdy, my name is Jack Breeden and I am a new intern at G Farms. I am a recent graduate of Texas A&M university where I studied agriculture leadership and development. Through this internship I aim to learn ranch and farm life, the business of agriculture, and further my leadership skills in the profession of which I desire. Looking down the road I want to pursue a career in Ranch management and am fully confident that this internship is a stepping stone to that. 

I have been an intern just shy of two weeks at the time of this blog and I have already learned quite a bit. Learning the tractor and how to maneuver with the mower, rake, and baler has been the majority of what I have done. I have also learned how to move and load bales onto trailers for our customers. Being patient and not rushing the job will more then likely lead to a job well done and less malfunctions with equipment. 

leading up to this internship I read the book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. A quick read but heavy on the importance of not only good customer service but creating raving fans. Through these weeks I have seen the correlation between this book and the way G Farms operates with our customers. From the way we select, age, and prepare our meat to Willie personally delivering and informing our costumers of proper handling and preparation of products. 

Going into the internship I was uncertain of the sales aspect of the business but am slowly learning. I am not a big social media guy so using Facebook was new to me but have already had success with selling hay bales and communicating beef sales with customers. 

I am 23 years old and at the part of my life of becoming an adult and making adult decisions. It’s hard and this internship is just one of them but anything in life worth doing is. I am truly grateful and excited for this internship and the impact it will have in my life. 

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