Knowing What's Ahead of You

Having time off work to relax, refresh, and simply spend time with family is always something I look forward to. There's nothing better than to pack your bag and head home for the holidays and to forget about your work life, but what are you leaving behind when you call it a day right before the break? Yes, work will always be there when you return and I have heard that my entire life, but it wasn't until I was introduced to sales to really understand the struggle of returning from your time off to find chaos that you have caused yourself, only because you were "checked out" and ready to leave. The book I am currently reading (Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount) touches up on this. As a matter of fact, he doesn't just touch up on the topic, he deeply explains the downside of this and the damage it can create if you're not careful. He calls it the "30 Day Rule". The purpose of this rule is to protect yourself as well as the company you work for by grinding even harder when you know you'll be off work for any reason. If you are not busting your rear to double your work before you're time off then 90 days later you will find yourself having to make up the time you missed by being out of the office, and wondering why you're so far behind. 

I'm very thankful to have learned this lesson before hand because I am the worst at "checking out" before a break. My mind likes to tell me to get lazy when instead I have to switch that mindset and grind even harder so I don't screw myself or the company in the long run; know what's ahead of you and plan accordingly. Life has many curveballs, but if you mentally and physically prepare for them, nothing will be able to stop you. Knowing this rule and being able to carry that mental note, along with being able to teach it someday, absolutely motivates me to be better and always stay moving forward. The grinding never stops, it only doubles and triples over time.  

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