Life Lesson Learned

You ever have that feeling to where everything seems to go wrong? That was me this past Saturday, it definitely felt like a Monday and I seemed to question myself numerous times of "why is this happening to me today", and even when I stopped and thought for a moment to make sure nothing would go wrong, it still went wrong. 

It all started with me waking up in a bad mood only for the reason it was early on Saturday and I knew there was a lot to get done. The 35 minute drive helped clear my head and get over myself so I can knock out this hay field, and have one less thing to worry about. Everything was smooth sailing most part of the morning, I had the grass cut at a very reasonable hour, the raking would fly by, so i thought, and the bailing and loading would be a breeze. Once the raking was done, I went to unhitch the rakes, as i pulled away from the hitch, BAM, the rakes fell and the hitch pin snapped in half. In shock, I un-hooked the hydrophilic hoses that I left attached to the tractor. Simple mistake that could have been resolved If I wasn't in such a hurry to get the job done. 


It was a perfect life lesson that I needed to learn that day, don't get yourself in such a hurry especially If you're learning. Take your time in learning the process, then soon enough it will be second hand nature. Sure mistakes will happen, but the mistakes I had made Saturday was a sure big slap in the face telling me to "wake up," slow down and get out of your head. The day ended with a Texas Road House Steak (thanks Willie) and a cold beer to wash it down, Overall i ended up having a good day, and a life lesson learned.

Pictures of the week



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