Moving Forward

Another week down, another week at being better. During my interview before joining the farm, we discussed key elements of what was coming my way during the learning process of the job. Willie described these elements into 4 boxes. The first box was labeled excitement, he explained that this meant most people are excited about starting a new job, excited about a raise in pay, and just simply because it is something new. Box 2 explained anxiety, stress, and being overwhelmed. This is the phase where most people quit instead of seeking advice and fighting forward. If you follow my blogs you know that a few weeks prior I was in box 2. Stressed and overwhelmed, I fought through and asked for guidance, just as I was told to do, trust the system, and kept moving forward. Box 3 is grinding, you are no longer a rookie however you're still new but at this point, calling for help is limited and you know your roles and responsibilities to get the job done. Finally Box 4 is you are on your own knocking the job out of the park and mentoring others. 

This week I found myself in box 3, and what a HUGE step forward it is compared to day one. Its a great feeling to know that I did not quit and I fought my way to get to where I am at. The fighting is not done, I still have walls that need to be torn down but now I know I am well on my way to being in box 4 and its great to have your eyes on the prize. My whole life I have always ran away from my problems and find an easy way out when things were starting to get too much. I did not let myself get to that point and instead of running away, I ran towards it and fought through and its defiantly a feeling that I want to teach the next intern as well as my children. The goal now is to stay motivated and to keep battling, trust the system, and keep on moving forward. 

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