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Greetings, my name is Mason Haynes and i come from a small town in North East Texas called Bogata, i recently separated from the United States Air Force, where i served four years active duty and even though my time in the military was a great life lesson, i decided to part ways and chase after something that is different but beneficial than the military lifestyle. 

last week was my first week with the G Farm team, i learned the business process as well as customer interaction. the customer interaction is what stood out the most, i enjoy helping people and it never gets old to see the satisfaction in a customer when we deliver product to help keep their family fed. even though last week was my first week and there was a lot to learn i am now able to make phone calls, speak with customers, and deliver product. a giant step forward to being the future of this company. 

Customer Interaction is a huge role here at G Farms, and a great way by learning that is by reading a book called “Raven Fans”. i have learned so far just by reading a few pages that patience is key, trust the system and be confident. i can tell already that this book will help me not only now but for the remainder of my life, it is also showing me a better way to treat my peers away from work. i am thrilled to be here and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, god bless. 

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