New to grass fed beef?

Are you new to cooking grass-fed beef? Are you trying to zone in on that perfect steak? Well, follow me as I go over a few important tips on preparing and cooking G Farms Beef. 

Grass-fed beef is leaner. Here are a few key differences that you need to be aware of when it comes to thawing and cooking your beef to ensure that you preserve the rich flavor and keep your beef tender. 

Grass fed beef requires lower cooking temperatures and shorter cooking times. Turn down the heat. If your heat is too high you will A: Cook the outside faster causing the inside of the beef to remain raw. B: Cause the steak to cook too fast all the way through resulting in the texture of an old leather shoe. 

Never, ever,  microwave beef to thaw it. Microwaving beef will result in tough beef. Using a microwave turns some of the moisture to steam. Moisture is key to tenderizing. When the moisture turns to steam, the steam evaporates from the beef, leaving you with a tough piece of meat

Need thawing tips?

If you are pressed for time the best way to thaw beef  is to take the vacuum sealed package and submerse the entire package in cool water inside a bowl or in the sink .It is perfectly fine to let the meat package float in the water bath. To help speed up the process you can hold the meat under water by placing a heavy item on top of the package to hold it underwater. This ensures maximum contact between the wrapped meat and the water. A package of ground beef usually thaws in 30 minutes when placed in a cool tub of water.

When time is not of the essence allow your beef to thaw on the counter or in the fridge on a towel. Just remember, no heat source when thawing. 

Do you bring your steaks up to room temperature before cooking? You probably should and here is the reason why...

If the temperature of your beef changes too rapidly during the cooking process, the meat fibers will start to contract, which will make your meat tough.

Rapid temperature changes cause moisture to escape. Remember, moisture is an important part of the tenderization process. Just like cooking a cake or baked goods, you have to have moisture for it to melt in your mouth.  Be sure to allow your steaks to come to room temperature before cooking. You do not want to skip this step. 

While this tip is valid for any meat that you want to grill, it is even more important to bring grass-fed steaks to room temperature before cooking because grass fed beef has less external fat than grain fed beef.

Did you know that fat acts as an insulator to slow down how quickly your beef changes temperature during cooking? Leaner beef has less fat to insulate against rapid temperature changes when it is put on the grill. So, by allowing your grass-fed steaks to come to room temperature before cooking, you protect against the rapid temperature changes that will cause meat fibers to contract or moisture to be lost.

Cooking grass fed beef is simply about reducing the temperature range experienced by the meat during the cooking process, controlling the speed of temperature changes during cooking, and preserving moisture inside your meat during thawing and cooking.

Happy Cooking G Farms Family! 

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