One thing I was taught from day one is "be proactive and not reactive". In other words, we as humans have a habit of when things go wrong we immediately react in a certain way. Instead of reacting, think of "how can I solve this" and that might have been the hardest thing to train myself to do. 

This week was a busier week than usual, with me taking a hold of the reins and drive the wagon there were certain things I had to solve or deal with in order to keep it all running smooth as possible. Instead of being reactive I had to be proactive and honestly I learned a lot just by doing so. It is amazing to me how you are taught so much and you think to yourself "how am I going to remember all of this" but when the time comes and you are grinding through the job, it magically comes to your mind and turns on a light switch. Your mind adsorbs a lot more than what we realize and I when it happens it almost seems like you're teaching yourself, defiantly a proud moment if I do say so myself. 

With all of that being said, I finished my book Raving Fans this week, and the main thing that sticks out to me is the main character in this book reminds me of myself. He is confused and lost on how to serve customers, but as he is taught and applies what he learns, he absolutely kills the job. Once he is giving the tools he starts grinding and then he starts to pass on the information to others which makes the company successful. Right now, I am receiving the tools, and I am now understanding how to use them in certain areas, makes me excited and ready to move forward.  

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