Another week down here at the farm, and I cannot believe it is already December. It seems that time moves way faster here than anywhere else in the world. However, when you grind and focus on your goals time does fly. When I stop, breathe, and reflect, I notice how far I have become in this job, and I am proud of my accomplishments so far. 

The book I am working through this month is Fanatical Prospecting, and oh my goodness, I am only an hour in and with in that hour I have learned more than my 4 years of high school. This book goes into depth of how to prospect and there is a lot of things that most people don't want to hear but need to hear. He mentions a lot about laziness, excuses, and the willing of wanting to give up, this is definitely a book that I need to listen/hear. All my life I have always wanted to find the easy way out, and the author has really opened my eyes into ways that are simple but also difficult to see. I am excited to see where this book is headed and cannot wait to finish, and maybe teach someone in the near future of this experience. 

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