The Bees Knees

I am absolutely terrible about coming here to share news, updates, and insights. So here I am. 
Today I am going to catch you up on the bees and there is a lot going on right now! 
The hives - the hives are thriving. The queens are really starting to lay. This means bees are hatching daily by the thousands. The hives are growing stronger in number, comb, frames, pollen, and nectar frames are starting. This is a good thing because we lost over 10 hives to that last door slam of winter when it dropped down into the twenties for 3 straight days in March. Not good, but the hives who made are thriving. 
Swarms - swarm season has started. If you see them, do not approach them. Yes they are calm. Yes they are looking for a new home. Yes, in spite of the myths out there, they can and will sting you if you annoy them. Leave the approach to the professional keepers. I see a lot of video and posting about how calm swarms are, how they can be touched. Don't do that.
Removals - Removals are in full swing. The bees are active. The hive in my boxes are doing the same as the hives in your home, storage, barns, buildings, trees, holes, offices, and where ever else they built. Call me if you suspect you have bees, know you have bees in your structure, or any questions about removals. I will be glad to help. Bees love to build a home in eaves, walls, behind brick, behind siding, whatever cavity they find suitable to their needs. 
Some insight on why removal is important. You can call an exterminator. I don't recommend it, and often the exterminators will refer your to a keeper. Here is why. In that hive to be removed are more than just bees. There are combs filled and being filled daily with be larvae. Bees build a nursery first to produce more bees. Next, they make and fill combs with pollen, then more comb for nectar, and finally more comb for honey. Let's say you kill or have the bees killed. What you have done now is leave all of the larvae in the nursery, the nectar, the pollen stores, and all that honey inside your walls. What else likes honey besides you & I? Well, let's start with the most destructive... rats, mice, raccoons, & squirrels. All of these will chew through plumbing, structural, and electrical to get to that hone which is now no longer protected by the threat of the bees and stings. Next come the insects, ants, and potentially termites to handle clean up and finish off the destruction job after the nectar, pollen, remaining honey, and larvae. 
Questions, suspicions, or concerns call me 214-244-3871
- Willie

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