The G Farm Questions

 oIf you think back to your first order or if you are about to place an order, you were asked some questions. 

We do this because with our past experiences we have learned to try to make this whole process exciting and stress free for you. 

How many are you feeding in your household?  By answering this question this tells us more things than you think. For one, it clues us in on how much we recommend you order from us. We never want you to over buy. The beef comes vacuumed sealed. Well, the average life of a vacuum seal is about 18 months. If that seal is jeopardized it could taste frost bit. We don't want that nor you!  And we don't want you eating that frost bit beef for the next two years. You and your family deserve FRESH!  Now the second thing that our questioning lets us know if you have little ones and/or teens or soon to be empty nesters your size order may change the next time you order, so we try to make recommendations. 

We understand and can relate to fear. The panic of wanting to store or prepare by purchasing in bulk. G Farms has been doing this for a long while now and there is no threat of us running out of cows to take care of our people. So, our questions clue us in on how to ease your mind and reassure you we will always take care of you.

We have some new and excited things in the works for the farm and Cowpooling! PLEASE let us know if you have any ideas or suggestion. I would love to hear it!!

God Bless the Farmer. 

214-717-0721 or 214-244-3871

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