Think Win-Win

The right attitude is everything in life. It affects the way you think and perform, and it affects others around you. I struggle with a lot of self-doubt. I always question my ability when it comes to certain tasks. In other words, I have a mindset of what is called "lose-win." "Loose-win" is a term used for someone who thinks negatively but wants a positive outcome. They live off of "I hope" or "I wish" instead of "I will" and I recently learned that this is doing nothing but causing me to not have any motivation. Your mindset is everything in life. It's what makes you get out of bed, complete tasks, or even fold that pile of laundry that's been sitting in the dryer for 3 days. I am the CEO of "loose-win", but I have finally had enough of it. My ability to complete tasks is a lot higher than I mark myself as. I am capable, but why does my mind not let me believe it? It all starts with attitude, instead of "I wish my taxes were filed already," or "I wish the house stayed clean." Now it's, "I am folding this laundry now. It will only take 10 minutes, or "I will wash these dishes before I start my TV show." Once you make yourself do these tasks, it is second nature to think "Win-Win." With a win-win attitude, you are tasked with a certain role, and now your mind responds as a positive thinker, "I will knock out these emails. It should only take a few minutes, then I will start calling my customers." It is always harder to ignore your tasks and find excuses than it is to actually do them. I am still working on myself to be more in the winning category, but it all starts with the first step. Once you have gained control of your mind, you are unstoppable.

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