Three Sisters Gardening Method

How many of you know that squash, bean and corn are the Three Sisters? Native American tribes planted these together because they complement each other.

The trio working together to thrive, each having a particular job to do while helping to support each other as sisters do. 

The corn offering support to the beans. The beans supplying nitrogen to the soil. And the large leaves of the squash protecting the plant from the harsh sun not to forget the prickly leaves deterring insects and animals from the other sisters.

 Sometimes a fourth sister is introduced such as sunflower to help pollinate or distract birds from the seeds.

I went out on my own this year and did not follow the Three Sister Method. I soon felt that I lost control of my garden. Squash and Cucumber were choking out my okra, my corn didn't make it and tomatoes were a bust.

Thanks to the amazing Texas climate, I am going to try my hand with a fall garden using the Three Sisters this time... I will keep you posted!!


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