Week 5/6: Back from Vacation!

Week 5/6 post: Back from Vacation! 

High: I got to go on vacation for the Fourth of July and see my whole family in Kansas.

Low: While I was out of town on said vacation one of my horses coliced. (My Mustang of all horses!)Thankfully he has been recovering nicely and is happy to be home from the vet. 

Buffalo: I made friendship bracelets with some college friends! It had been so long since I had gotten the chance to do some innocent arts and crafts activity. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. 

Before I left the tractor had been heating up on us really fast and wouldn’t go back down. We found out this is due to dust build up in the radiators concreted by the use of water to try and spray them out. Instead, we were advised to use an air compression hose to get blow out the dust. Not only did this fix the temperature issue but the tractor started to run faster and more effectively overall. It served as a good reminder of how big problems don’t always require complicated solutions. 

Often answers can be found by simply swallowing your pride. Once you see where you can die to yourself and chose Christ, not only do you start to hold healthier relationships but you find peace in the LORD. The most powerful tool I was the Lord ever showed me was humility. Recognize where you went wrong, acknowledge it, own up to it, learn from it, and move on. 

I really appreciate this internship and find a lot of satisfaction in our work but boy, if it isn’t humbling. However, I don’t think the struggle is a bad thing or a thing to shy away from. It is in the struggles that you find what you are made of and what you will cling to. For me, since my senior year of high school, it has been 1 Peter 4:12-13. It explains that we are to expect hardships and even calls us to REJOICE for as we endure we are becoming like Christ! It is this process that will make His return all the more sweet. Therefore, even when my horse coliced and I felt as though I might have to say goodbye to a small part of my world forever, I knew  at the end of the day, it was going to be ok. 


A picture of my mustang named Desmond Atticus Doss (it's a mix of two people's whose stories I really respect) at the vet. 

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