Week 8: Rest Well!

Week 8: Rest Well! 

High: Willie invited me and my family to a PBR event. We had so much fun. I also went to see the new Barbie movie with my best friend from high school... Ava! Shoutout to my favorite movie theater marathoner ;) 

Low:  Texas heat.

Buffalo: I was supposed to get a root canal but turns out we just needed to adjust my bite. Turns out that if you clench your teeth all day they are a lot more sensitive to any restoration procedures. Meaning it takes a lot to get your teeth to feel how they used to. Learn something new every day!

     This past week I got a bit of a break from some of the tractor work and was mostly focused on calls. It reminded me how important it is to make sure we take breaks from time to time and get rest. It is impossible to keep giving 100% all of the time if you don’t take a minute to recharge. Things in life are rarely a sprint. Most of the time the jobs we are given are marathons that take time to complete and best to do so within scheduled intervals. Even in writing this, I gave myself a minute to rest after my tractor shift before jumping right in. (That heat will eat up your energy like no other!) One of the best ways I have found to rest is less with getting straight on my phone but rather taking a minute to close my eyes or even read my Bible. (Though I don’t do either of those as often as I should.)

     Consider this a PSA to stay hydrated and rest well. It is easy to look for a dopamine heat scrolling though Instagram or TikTok but think, "what would be the best way for me to rest right now?" Do I need to eat some food and take a nap allowing rest for my body or should I take a walk and clear my mind up before starting the day.

    For me running is a form of rest. It takes the focus off the to do list for the day and focuses me on one thing. It also serves as a great time for me to get in there with God. (Fun fact: Exercise will also release dopamine! So not only will your body become more fit and active but you will actually FEEL happier!)

     I was so thankful to get to spend some extra time with my parents this week. Especially since the fall semester is right around the corner and I won’t get to see them much during school. This internship has taught me so much even if I can’t see it all right now. I am so excited to see how it translates into schoolwork, relationships, my ability to time manage, and even serve the community.

    My last blog post will be next week where I go more into detail about the things I have felt I have learned during these last two months, so make sure to keep your eyes out for that! 

(A picture with me and my parents at a PBR Willie invited us to! We all loved it and it was a great time.) 

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