What Kind of Cows Do You Have?

I get this question in various forms. Are they Angus? Are they Black Angus? What kind of cows do you have? 

The marketing from the beef industry started back in the late 70's with "Certified Black Angus Beef". The reason behind this marketing is because black is one of the dominant genes in cattle. The industry had to find a way to market black cows.

On the same side, Angus, European cattle do have the highest beef quality, production, and reproduction turns. These cattle naturally marble well. These cattle have a better muscle to bone mass ratio with the carcasses. 

In this video, you can see what our cattle look like. Ideal traits for beef cattle are 

  • Deep body from navel to top of the back
  • Shorter legs
  • Smaller, more feminine head
  • Heavy and equal build in the shoulders and hips
  • straight back, or "top line"
  • Straight line from the bottom of the shoulder, across the belly to the start at the base of the hip

These traits give you the highest yields as well as quality in the beef. 


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