What to do!

The forecast is horrendous for all of Texas for the next 7 to 10 days.

So what to do! Get someone to look under your home for you and inspect all of your pipes under you home, and any exposed, external pipes. 

M-D Building Products 50158 Self Sealing Tube Pipe Insulation, 1/2&quot x 6', Black

Check the insulation on any and all exposed pipes. If you home is pier and beam, take a look under there. You can call us and we will crawl down there to inspect it for you. You will get pictures along with video of what it looks like under there. Exposed pipes will burst in this weather. Then you have an entirely different issue on your hands. By the time you figure it out, if it is a slow leak, it could be months from now. Best case scenario is it is a big burst & leak, so your low to now water pressure tells you there is an issue, a potential leak.

Image result for busted pipe under house


Disconnect your water hoses. Leaving your water hose connected during these temps can also cause pipes to burst, taking the remaining water in the hose, freezing it, and taking the frozen water up into the metal spigot and thus freezing the attached pipes. 

Cover your water spigots. Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot all have water spigot covers as shown here. There are several variations out there from an insulated sock cover with a draw string to a Styrofoam cover.

Frost King FC1 Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover, To Prevent Freeze (2 Pack)

If you want your crawl space under you home inspected, or it is too late and you suspect a busted pipe, call me 214-244-3871 We will come take a look, address, and or repair the issue.

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