Winter Beef Prepping

To store or not to store! That is the question, and I am here to answer.

I am seeing a trend lately, and with that trend we try to educate. Please understand that our beef is vacuumed sealed and with that there needs to be some care involved when handling. We absolutely want you to have the freshest of the fresh! Thats why our beef comes straight from the processor to you therefore, it's not stored in our freezer or some warehouse.  With that vacuum seal unfortunately, it does not last forever. We never want you to over buy and we will always try to talk you out of what we think may be too much for your family size. Eating the same delivery of beef for two years just is not the goal we have in mind for you or your family. 

I see a bit of a difference in prepping and preparing. Yes, its the same word but humor me. We prepare our house for the winter or prepare to get hit with outages, so we buy food in case we are shut in. But I see prepping done out of fear. Buying mass amounts of food in case of a national crisis. We strongly discourage because we care what you eat. 

So, let us prepare for the next few months and stock our freezers with amazing steaks, wonderful roasts and oooo some future chilis, soups and meatloafs!

We always want to know what you're cooking! Please share your recipes with us!

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